Here at Construction Materials we offer a wide variety of different products used for landscaping and driveways.


Our Products Include But Are Not Limited To:

River Rock
We offer many sizes and colors of River Rock. We have sizes from Shot Rock (1/4" down), all the way to #4 River Rock (2" - 3") we also offer a White River Rock.

Lime Stone
Graded Aggregate Base (GAB) and 57 stone

Crimson Rock
We also have several sizes of the Crimson Rock available for your application. We have a 57 size Crimson (3/4" - 1 1/2"), #4 Crimson (3" - 4"), and a Crimson Trail Track ( 1/4" down)

Granite Rock
57 sized granite stone (3/4" - 1")

Cypress Mulch

Natural Cypress Mulch and Red colored Cypress Mulch

Fill Dirt
Clean Fill

Concrete Sand, Masonry Sand, White Masonry Sand

Crushed Concrete

Great affordable base material.

Crushed Asphalt
Great affordable base material.

Parking Bumpers
6 Foot or 8 Foot parking bumpers

Brick Pavers

Please feel free to contact us for any pricing or availability on any products listed or not mentioned above. You can find our contact information on our Contact Us page.



Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To:


Hauling and Delivery
Construction Materials has Tri-Axle dump trucks and  Single-Axle dump trucks to offer you delivery or hauling of any materials to or from our yards. We also have Low-Boy and a Flat Bed tractor trailer units to offer hauling of any equipment you may have.

Driveways and Parking Lots
We will gladly remove any material from your property and level any of our material and compact in place for a driveway and or parking lot.

Be sure to call for a free estimate or quote on any of our services offered. you can find our number and or location on our Contact Us page.


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